May 17, 2011

I'm selling toys/puppets

School is out for the summer and I'm excited to start pre-production work on 'Yakini'. Lots and lots to learn and do! In the meantime, I will be selling custom-made toys/puppets. If any of you are interested in buying a handmade toy or puppet, shoot me an email at Tell me what kind of toy you want made and I will be more than happy to make one for you. Prices usually start at $25, but it really depends on the size of the toy/puppet and the amount of detail I put in.

I'll be posting more concept art for 'Yakini' soon, so look out for those as well! Oh and do check out the 'Videos & Things' on the side bar, you'll see some pretty neat stop-motion stuff I've come across and I'll be putting new videos up weekly. This week it's a clip from the 'Creature Comforts' series by Aardman. Check out all those videos when you get a chance, they're really well done and are hilarious!

Other than that, nothing else to report from my side of town. Hope everyone is having a good summer so far!

May 4, 2011

Yakini: Teaser trailer

Here it is, a teaser trailer I made for the film. I decided to turn this in as my final project for my animation class and to take more time on the rest of the story and finish the film by the end of summer. Excited!

May 1, 2011

Teaser poster

Teaser trailer coming soon!

Apr 24, 2011

Puppet! and some hairspray too

and.. he's finally done. I finished shooting the trailer as well, and all that's left to do is the post-production work.  Oh, and the hairspray worked :D

So far, so puppet

Some progress pictures. The Yakadura puppet is done, I still have to fix his hair with some anti-frizz spray or gel, hehe, but other than that, he's good to go. And I'm off to animate the trailer! Excited!

p.s: I made a frill for the fellow, but once I put it on him, it didn't really look right since it covered the shape of his legs and body, so I had to stick with just the waist band.

Apr 19, 2011

Puppet eye test

A quick eye test I did of the Yakadura puppet.

Apr 10, 2011

Figuring out

the different eye and mouth sets I'll be making for the puppets.

Apr 5, 2011

Puppet design sketches

Final character sketches for Yakini.

Mar 29, 2011

It's a good book

Last year I got myself a copy of The Advanced Art of Stop-Motion Animation by Ken A. Priebe. If you're serious about doing your own stop-motion work, I would suggest a copy of this book. It has a lot of great info on the basic principles of animation, building puppets, character animation and visual effect compositing techniques. Not to mention some extensive interviews from stop-motion artists from the industry. It's about $30 for the paperback on amazon, but if you're into stop-motion animation and want to learn about the techniques as much as you can, I say go for it. It's a worthwhile investment.

Yakini: Soundtrack

Rukmani Devi has such a gorgeous voice and this song fits perfectly with the mood I'm trying to convey with my story.


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